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Tips for Keeping Students Engaged Before the Holidays

Updated: Feb 10

It can be challenging to keep students engaged during this time of year. In between holidays and many distractions.Expanded Learning Programs are up for the challenge and STEAM Station is here to provide resources.

We came across a list of ways one can keep students engaged ( Below is the list with ways ELPs can implement these tips in your spaces:

  1. Change up the classroom: change the tables around and/or encourage students to sit in a different space and with different groups of students each day/week.

  2. Keep a routine: break up the session in clear themes so that students know what to expect.

  3. Get your students moving: schedule transition points with movement activities. This can be as simple as a stretch or jumping in place...and as exciting as an obstacle course.

  4. Have some special “themed days” or ABC countdown: Choose weekly themes or use each letter of the alphabet to guide you in activities each day (e.g. A=Animal, B=Balloon activity, C=Conservation).

  5. Do Some STEAM Projects (shameless plug): imagination can spark curiosity and innovation. STEAM Station Fresno can facilitate your work with our weekly and monthly engaging thematic lesson plan activities and material kits to enhance your students' learning experiences.

  6. Let your students teach: provide students with a list of topics to choose from OR assign them a topic. Schedule them to “teach” the topic a few days later.

  7. Let your students work in groups: rotate students in groups or assign them their group to work collaboratively.

  8. Find ways to celebrate their school year: choose a day(s) to celebrate the year and have the students work on a project to highlight the year.

  9. Let them help you clean: have them take ownership of the space and (when possible) have input on the space organization and design.

  10. Reminisce and prepare for next year: have students do a project reflecting on their struggles and successes this year AND write ways they can prepare for success in the coming year.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you tried any of these and how they worked out.

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